Along the coast is better:  5 reasons to discover the Amalfi Coast by boat!

Panorama Costiera Amalfitana
Amalfi Coast Landscape

The Amalfi Coast looks like a colorful balcony suspended over the Gulf of Salerno, from Positano in the west reaching Vietri in the east. The natural coastal landscape extends for about 50 kilometers gathering in that long stretch some of the most beautiful and evocative places of southern Italy: Amalfi, Conca dei Marini, Ravello, Maiori, Minori and the fascinating islands.

If on the one hand visiting the Amalfi Coast by land is an experience not-to-be-missed, on the other going along the coast and discovering it by sea is absolutely an adventure to enjoy!

Here are 5 reasons to discover the Amalfi Coast with Gruppo Battellieri: 


On board you can enjoy the view of small ports, heights and rocks colliding with the waves, typical terraces of the Amalfi Coast overlooking the sea, hidden beaches and beautiful bays, lemon groves and tiny houses climbed on the mountains, brightly colored domes, secret natural beauties and every shade of blue.


Moving by boat is like taking a quiet walk! No lines, no traffic jams, no cars. Leaving from one of the many ports of the Amalfi Coast, you can discover the calmness of nature and the wonders of the coast without crowds and chaos.


Discovering the Amalfi Coast by sea, you can reach those secret and hidden spots impossible to reach by land: the Emerald Grotto, Santa Croce beach, the small Duoglio bay and other places reachable solely going along the coast.


Whether you want to discover the Amalfi Coast with your family, in a group or alone, the adventure is guaranteed with Gruppo Battellieri and it will surely be unforgettable with the stories told by our battellieri!


When you are leaving for a new place to visit, you’re always worried about the itinerary to be organized. Will it be the best one? No worries! Each excursion has a unique itinerary that will make you live an amazing Amalfi Coast adventure, always in the great company of sea waves.

A new season is about to begin, discovering the Amalfi Coast going #alongthecoast is better and with us even more!

The Amalfi Coast: hidden spots, fun facts and secret legends!

Paesaggio panoramico Costiera Amalfitana
Amalfi Coast Landscape

The Amalfi Coast, also known as one of the most fascinating places in the World, gathers among its colorful natural landscape and breathtaking spots: history, legends, traditions, secrets and mysteries. After all, it’s not only its beauty that steals many visitors’ heart, but also the interesting facts and stories that animate these places, turning a trip or a simple excursion into a real adventure! 

Are you curious about discovering historical places, mysteries or ancient legends?

Amalfi Lemons

The foundation of Amalfi: between love and legend

Most people know the town of Amalfi for its artistic beauty, but very few know the origins of its name. According to some legends, the birth of Amalfi is related to the love story between Hercules, Zeus’ son, and a beautiful nymph named Amalfi.

Sadly, their love had a tragic ending when the nymph died. Hercules, decided to bury his beloved in a land worthy of her beauty, finding the perfect place in a tiny seaside village. He adorned the place with scented lemon trees, also known as Amalfi lemons, and baptized the village with his beloved’s name: Amalfi.

Ziro Tower

The ancient Ziro Tower: a look at the past

In the past centuries, the Ziro Tower, one of the many towers situated along the Amalfi Coast,  was built to sight enemy ships that tried to approach the shore to plunder the nearby villages. The legend goes that the tower is inhabited by ghosts, like the one of Joan of Aragon and her children, who were confined in the tower. Today, the Tower, located between Amalfi and Atrani, is a panoramic observation point that boasts a breathtaking view and will take you back in time. 

Emerald Grotto

The Emerald Grotto: a nativity scene in the seafloor

The Emerald Grotto is definitely one of the most mysterious places of the entire Amalfi Coast.

In its seafloor, the grotto hides a nativity scene at about 60 meters deep, which can be seen trough a fascinating play of lights and waters. The crib was made in 1964 in memory of people who died at sea. Every year, during the Christmas period, an underwater procession is held to celebrate it.


Furore: a mysterious bay

Furore, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, is so tiny that seems to have no history. In fact, in its unique setting, it hides beauty and so much more. An ancient legend tells that the devil visited the small village, but the inhabitants didn’t like its presence and they were truly unwelcoming. The devil left the village, stamping his feet and provoking the deep inlet that makes the landscape so unique.

Archipelago Li Galli

Positano: the legend of the Mermaids and Li Galli Islands

One of the most popular legends of the Amalfi Coast is the one about the archipelago Li Galli, located near Praiano and Positano. As the legend says, these small islands were inhabited by the famous mermaids of the Odyssey, mythological figures who enchanted with their voice and their beauty all the sailors who collided with their ships against the rocks. The islands, also called the ‘Sirenuse’, take their name from this legend and nowadays are still one of the most fascinating places of the Amalfi Coast.

How to discover many other wonderful places and secret legends? Going #alongthecoast

Our battellieri can’t wait to live new adventures together!

Your New Year’s resolution: visit the Amalfi Coast with Gruppo Battellieri!

principali attrazioni costiera amalfitana
Best Destinations Amalfi Coast
Best destinations of the Amalfi Coast

The Christmas holidays are over, you said goodbye to the old year and welcomed the new one… Just a few days from its beginning and your good resolutions are here, but this time they’re travel ones!

Some people, just like us, are looking forward to enjoying new moments surrounded by the scent of the sea, the vibrant yellow of lemons and the breathtaking beauty of this wonderful stretch of coast. In fact, it’s common knowledge that every single person who’s been in the great Amalfi Coast landscape, gets lost in every single glimpse! 

And if you haven’t experienced its beauty yet, you’re surely wondering what to visit on the Amalfi Coast?

In this time of the year, the Amalfi Coast and its places are experiencing the calmness and quietness of the winter season and we want to suggest you some spots not-to-be-missed for the next season of discovery #alongthecoast

You can’t miss the town of Amalfi, historical and geographical heart of the entire coast, one of the most popular destinations in the whole World with its fascinating Cathedral and Cloister of Paradise.

Maiori, with the largest sandy beach of the coast or the small village of Minori, with its natural landscape between crystal clear waters and picturesque mountains.

Ravello, located far from the sea, but surrounded by the natural beauty of terraced gardens; In addition Positano, the colorful pearl of the Amalfi Coast, Conca dei Marini, one of the smallest villages in Italy, among stairs and lemon groves… and then the mysterious Emerald Grotto, a hidden gem and one of the few grottos still accessible.

Li Galli, a small archipelago between Capri and Positano; Santa Croce Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Amalfi Coast and the Arco Naturale, not far from the town of Amalfi and also known as ‘Lovers’ Bridge’.

An endless list of wonders… every village, every spot and glimpse of the Amalfi Coast hides the most precious pearls waiting to be discovered and our new year’s resolution is to live new adventures together! 

We’re going #alongthecoast in 2022!

The new year is just around the corner and you’re already thinking about the next season! 

Amalfi Coast Landscape

If on the one hand, destinations, ways of travel, connections and travellers’ taste in the last two years have totally changed, slowed down and reorganized… On the other, the need to travel, rediscover the contact with nature and live authentic experiences makes all of us more and more eager. About this, one of the most well-known virtual travel agencies in the World, Booking, carried out a research interviewing over 24,000 people – from 31 different countries – and established a ranking of the 7 travel trends 2022.

Where can you experience them? In one of the most fascinating coastal areas of Italy: the Amalfi Coast.

One of the most popular touristic destinations where to stay for short weekends or for long moments of discovery!


Visit hidden places far from the chaos, recharge yourself with the natural beauty of the landscape, try a new kitchen and know the stories of the locals. This whole thing is the Amalfi Coast!


Every trip, tour, excursion will be like living it for the first time. Experiencing the pleasure of discovery and being able to gaze at the horizon on board our boats will be a moment to be fully enjoyed just as if it was ‘the first time’.


Seeking genuine and meaningful experiences of the authentic seaside culture will be possible with the guidance of our battellieri, combining the love for the sea to the discovery of the mainland, knowing new places and new people.


As a consequence of the pandemic, the travel limit and the sense of distance led us to the closest places. Thanks to short excursions and nearby destinations, on the Amalfi Coast, you will be able to enjoy hospitality, art, culture and typical gastronomy.


After a long period without travelling, blowing off some steam is one of the many reasons to visit our coast, to take a break and enjoy the simple pleasure of discovery wave after wave.

If you’re looking for unforgettable experiences, Gruppo Battellieri, is waiting for you #alongthecoast in 2022

Fonte: Travel Trends 2022 Booking

October flavors, enjoy a traditional seafood dish: Scialatielli all’amalfitana!


You spent your holidays on the Amalfi Coast, chilling out with the excursions of #gruppobattellieri and enjoying some local dishes. Great! Now it’s time for memories… and we’ll suggest you how to bring a piece of our tradition on your table!

It’s widely known that the Amalfi Coast boasts unique flavors and so many typical dishes, among these, the ‘scialatielli’ pasta is one of the most famous. 

‘Scialatielli’ is a type of handmade fresh pasta, similar to spaghetti, but wider. It’s ideal to match with any sauce, both fish and meat or even vegetables. Despite this, the most popular version of this kind of pasta is with seafood. 

A bit of history…

The ‘Scialatielli’ pasta is a typical dish of our Coast and has a real special history that dates back to 1978 thanks to the chef Enrico Cosentino. The appreciation for this dish, both by local people and tourists, made this dish a traditional agri-food product.

Let’s start!

Here’s the recipe of


• 200 g of semolina flour

• 200 g of plain flour

• 120 g of milk

• 1 egg

• 2 spoonfuls of oil

• 20 g of grated cheese

• 150 g of mussels

• 150 g of clams

• 250 g of cuttlefishes

• 10 shrimps

• 10 g of olives

• a spoonful of capers

• 200 g of cherry tomatoes 

• 1 clove of garlic

• extra virgin olive oil 

• salt 

• pepper


  • First of all, start with the preparation of pasta: pour the flour on a chopping board making the classic shape of a fountain, begin to knead with your hands adding milk. Then add egg, oil and grated cheese. Continue to knead until you get a compact and smooth dough. Cover with a clean cloth and let it rest for 30 minutes.
  • After the rest of the dough, roll it out with the help of a rolling-pin until you get a sheet of dough similar to the thickness of the ‘tagliatelle’ pasta.
  • Roll up the dough and form the slices by cutting strips of 10 cm long and 10 mm wide. Keep the ‘scialatielli’ on a floured cutting board and start the preparation of the sauce.
  • Put mussels and clams in a pan with a little oil and let them open. When ready, filter the liquid they will have released during cooking.
  • Peel the garlic, chop it and brown it in another pan with a little oil, add the cuttlefishes (washed and cut into pieces) and the shrimps. Fry them for a few minutes and then add the tomatoes. Finally, add the capers, olives, salt and pepper.
  • Cook the pasta in a pot of boiling water slightly salted, then drain it and keep on cooking it in a pan with all the ingredients of the sauce. Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve the dish.

Enjoy it and may memories of this summer give you a big smile!

5 interesting facts about the Amalfi Coast!

amalfi coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the 55 sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List: did you know that?

The Amalfi Coast, also known as the Divine Coast, looks like a balcony suspended between the blue sea and the feet of the Lattari Mountains, situated in a long stretch of valleys and promontories among hollows, beaches and terraces with citrus growing. What is its main feature? The towns of the well-known coast are located 1 or 2 Kilometers away from each other and each one has its own traditions, peculiarities and interesting facts.

We’re going to tell you 5:

  1. The Amalfi Coast hosts one of the smallest villages in Italy: Atrani! It’s an amazing village to photograph from the sea for its small houses perched on the cliff as a kind of crib; and it’s a beautiful place to discover while you’re taking a quiet walk.
  2. The story goes that in the XIV century, in the village of Conca Dei Marini, there were some pretty women called “The Ianare” who used to protect olive trees and the harvest.
    Since then, during Shrove Tuesday, the “Ianare Carnival” is celebrated in the village. The term means “witch”. Learn it!
  1. The town of Amalfi was the first centre of papermaking. In fact, trade relations between Amalfi and the Arabs are well-known and probably locals learned all the secrets about papermaking from them. A great record!
  2. Santa Croce Beach is located immediately after the very famous Duoglio Beach. It hosts a cave that still contains the remains of a small chapel dedicated to the Holy Cross, used as a storage of goods that came by sea since the Middle Ages. Visit it with our excursions now! (
  3. The natural Arch situated in front of Santa Croce Beach, is known to everyone as “The Arch of Baci Perugina”. Here, the advertisement dedicated to the famous Italian chocolate of lovers was shot. It’s impossible not to take a souvenir picture here.

Did these gems of the Amalfi Coast make you curious? Now, you just have to book a weekend on the Divine Coast and explore it both by land and sea going #alongthecoast with our boats. September is an extraordinary month for excursions and sea tours!

Your panoramic tour #alongthecoast: the best spots of the Amalfi Coast in 50 minutes!

Amalfi Coast view

It’s finally starting to feel like summer and you can feel the strong desire to travel, discover, explore, visit new places and be captivated by the breathtaking beauty of nature. We’re all ready to go to the discovery… some people go for adventures on the road by car or long long walks, others do love to enjoy adventures surrounded by the deep blue sea in close contact with nature and a privileged view of the landscape. 

How to discover one of the most wonderful spots of the Tyrrhenian Sea?

Going along the coast!

Reaching the Amalfi Coast and visiting it by land is not always the best choice. If you want to observe the wild aspects of the landscape, the particular rocky structure of the Lattari Mountains, the richness of the Mediterranean vegetation, the marine fauna, the hidden coves that play with the cobalt sea waters, the ideal thing is to be on board one of our boats

Experience your journey of discovery by sea, it’s definitely worth it: the most precious pearls remain hidden on the mainland!

A real panoramic tour, with no-stop along the way, will lead you along the coast under the expert guidance of our sailors through some of the most amazing places in the area and well-known sea villages: Atrani, the charming Ravello, Minori, Maiori, the gorgeous Bay of Santa Croce, the must-visit Natural Arch also known as ‘Lovers’ Bridge’, the Bay of Conca dei Marini and the Cave of the Saracen, passing through Capo di Conca headed to Amalfi.

There’re so many sea routes to explore the coast, what are you waiting for? 

Gruppo Battellieri every day is ready to leave from the Pier of Amalfi!

Find out more about our tour here & enjoy a unique experience #alonghecoast  

Why should you choose a tour or boat trip to visit the Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi Coast, a wonderful glimpse along the Tyrrhenian coast, gathers thirteen municipalities  – Amalfi, Atrani, Cetara, Conca de’ Marini, Furore, Maiori, Minori, Positano, Praiano, Ravello, Scala, Tramonti and Vietri sul Mare. It is surrounded by the green of the mountains that, falling into the sea, are the natural framework to a wonderful Mediterranean landscape, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It surely is one of the most coveted Italian places to visit in every season of the year.

People keep wondering what to visit on the Amalfi Coast and which is the best way to discover all its stunning and most hidden corners, full of charm, architecture, history and legends. No doubts: among the 10 things to do at least once on the Amalfi Coast, there’s a boat trip!

Choosing a boat trip you’ll have the chance to admire the evocative beauty of the landscapes, explore the turquoise sea and live a singular adventure from a privileged point of view and this will make the discovery even more exciting. You can’t say you really visited the Amalfi Coast and felt its true essence until you see it from the sea.

Leaving from the pier of Amalfi, every day, you can discover some exclusive wonders of our coast, that, like the most invaluable treasures, remain hidden to those who observe it only from the shore. Guided by our experienced boatmen, you can get away from the chaos and crowded places and get closer to spots inaccessible by land or reachable solely after walking long long stairways. You will truly enjoy the most beautiful bays, wild beaches, mysterious grottos and the unspoilt nature that our Coast boasts. 

The Emerald Grotto, Maiori, Minori, the colorful Positano, Santa Croce Beach, Conca de’ Marini, Atrani, the islands of Li Galli and Capri…choose your favourite destination and enjoy your moment #alongthecoast!

Find out more about our tours & excursions here

We look forward to seeing you!

Your adventurous 2021 #alongthecoast: how to discover the Amalfi Coast!

In spite of the distances and difficulties that this pandemic period has created, the desire to travel, explore and discover is still there! As the magazine Forbes points out, after such a challenging year, the travelers and the adventure-seekers are looking for new experiences, that combine the desire for discovery, adventure and relax with the need to travel safely.

What could be better than the Amalfi Coast? Crystal-clear sea, wild beaches, warm sun, green mountains and typical seaside villages are just waiting to be discovered. Battellieri Group can’t wait to welcome you on board and show you the wonderful glimpses of this stretch of Italian coast.

What’s the best way to experience an unusual, charming journey in total safety? There is only one answer: sailing along the Coast!

Amalfi, Sorrento, Positano, the island of Capri, Conca de Marini, Minori are always the most popular destinations to get in touch with nature and enjoy the authenticity of your made in Italy experience.

Discovering the Amalfi Coast on board our ferries has its pluses:

  • stay away from crowded places
  • organize your excursion with a small group of people
  • admire the coast from a different perspective 
  • take a breath of fresh air 
  • let yourself be caressed by the sea breeze surrounded by the blue sea
  • listen to the stories of our experienced boatmen as they show you the most amazing, hidden corners of the Coast

And for those who love the most hidden and fascinating spots, the Emerald Grotto, is one of the not- to-be-missed destinations. One of the very few grottos still accessible of the whole Amalfi Coast, a place full of charm, hypnotizing colors and ancient legends.

The new season is just around the corner and we can’t wait to go #alongthecoast

What are you waiting for?  Find out more about our excursions!

#alongthecoast is much more than a boat ride!

The magnificent Mediterranean landscape of the Amalfi Coast, named UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, covers a stretch of coastline of 50 kilometers and gathers some of the most widely known places in the south of the region, Amalfi, Furore, Maiori, Minori, Positano, Praiano and many others connecting this piece of land to the Gulf of Naples with Sorrento and the Island of Capri, known all over the World.

This stretch of rocky coast looks like a never-ending terrace suspended between the blue sea and the green of the Lattari Mountains behind it.… And just like its towns and fishing villages, one different from the other,  with their own traditions and peculiarities, the Amalfi Coast has its authentic identity as well. A long stretch of rugged land, characterized by a succession of ledges and recesses from which come out beaches and paradisiac coves, small natural glimpses, caves, bays and views of incomparable beauty with their history and their Mediterranean charm, in every single site. Shaped by stones and crystal clear waters, the most sought after and wildest beaches of the Amalfi Coast are ‘hidden’ like real treasures framing its beauty!

In fact, most of these natural pearls are located in the shadow of steep cliffs and are reachable through dirt paths or exhausting staircases from hundreds of steps keeping hidden from the eyes of many their beauty. The best way to discover all these wonders? Doubtless, going #alongthecoast

Battellieri Group, every day leaves the pier and sets off to discover new waters, wave after wave… Towards beaches, caves and unexplored spots!

Enjoying a unique adventure through sea-routes is our idea of a journey. An experience that will give you the chance to discover the sea of our Coast, the reflections of crystal clear water, the breeze, the scents, the vibrant colors and nature of these extraordinary places enjoying a privileged observation point. In addition, you will discover all the secrets and traditions of our Coast thanks to the tales of our experienced boatmen who will guide you on our tours & excursions.

Do not stop your desire for discovery, experience the Amalfi Coast surrounded by the blue sea from a whole new perspective. Let the charm of our Coast catch your heart in the spirit of a summer season by sea with a thousand discoveries and adventures!

What are you waiting for? Reach the amazing beaches of Santa Croce & Duoglio, the fascinating Emerald Grotto and many others destinations just waiting to be discovered #alongthecoast

Enjoy your unique experience with us!