Amalfi Paper Museum: a journey back in time!

Amalfi, ancient Maritime Republic, symbol city and beating heart of the entire Amalfi Coast, is also known as the cradle of history, legends and ancient discoveries. One of the oldest one in the World: the invention of paper!

The discovery of paper, worldwide attributed to the ancient Chinese Civilization dating back to 105 AD, has literally traveled around the World from East to West. From Japan to Arabia, this ancient art reached the Mediterranean lands in the territories of the Maritime Republics: Amalfi, Pisa, Genoa and Venice that had great trade relations with the East in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. 

From historical records, the oldest of the Republics – Amalfi – had its own ‘workshops’ of paper located in the cities of Palermo, Messina and Syracuse until the rise of real paper mills along the so-called ‘Valle dei Mulini’ where the Canneto river flowed and still flows nowadays. From the Lattari Mountains, the river branches out into a long series of canals becoming the driving force of the machines from which was produced the finest Amalfi paper – better known as ‘bambagina paper’ from the name of the cotton used for its production ‘bambagia’ – turning into one of the most prestigious paper for notary deeds and royal transcripts.

The art of manufacturing paper was handed down from one generation to the next until the flood of 1954 which destroyed all the paper mills in the Valley. Only three paper mills managed to survive the flood, among them the paper mill of the Milano Family, the current site of the ancient Amalfi Paper Museum.

The Amalfi paper is still one of the most valuable and prestigious papers in the World. Discovering its history, production processes and watching the machines still working just like they used to be is definitely an experience not-to- be-missed. 

A real journey back in time #alongthecoast


September on the Amalfi Coast: Summer is not at its end!

The colorful places of the Amalfi Coast, one of the most beautiful shorelines in the World, are usually thought as a destination not-to-be-missed during the summer season. Nothing could be more wrong!

The lively villages, the miles-long cliffs overlooking the sea, surrounding the Coast beaches, the wonderful crystal-blue waters and hidden bays;  countless spots of rare beauty and ancient charm turn the Amalfi Coast into the fav destination for tourists from all over the World throughout the year.

Family vacation, couple or friends trip, for a long period, for a short weekend break or a one-day stop. No matter what! The Summer season goes on even in September. If you’re wondering why you should visit the Amalfi Coast during this season, you just need to read on to find out more… 


The natural beauty of the Amalfi landscape goes perfectly with the typical September climate of the South. The hot summer temperatures leave room for a cooler climate, but still sunny! You can fully enjoy a dip in the sea, a walk through the narrow streets of the sea villages, an adventurous hiking path or a quiet boat excursion.


The typical tourist flow begins to decrease and you can breathe that feeling of peacefulness in every single corner of the coast. Forget the chaos, the crowded streets, the traffic and the endless queues. No noise, just the sound of the waves and no doubt, a truly magical moment to discover the beauty of the Amalfi Coast!


The real reason to visit the Amalfi Coast is the ‘exclusivity’ that the places reserve for anyone who visits them during this time of year. From almost deserted beaches to the less-crowded famous spots, every place will be exclusively waiting for you! Starting from the ancient Amalfi, a stop in Minori, Maiori and the tiny village of Atrani, reaching the beaches of Santa Croce and Duoglio, visiting the mysterious Emerald Grotto with a jump to the Fjord of Furore, enjoying the perched Ravello from the sea and still arriving at the wonderful Marina Grande in Positano. Place after place. 

Better time to discover the Amalfi Coast? 

Waiting for you #alongthecoast

THE EMERALD GROTTO: the most mysterious place along the Amalfi Coast

Grotta dello Smeraldo

The Emerald Grotto, located a few kilometers from Amalfi and more specifically in the waters that bathe the sea village of Conca dei Marini, is one of the richest places in mystery of the entire Amalfi Coast.

A suggestive natural formation in the inner part of the coastal landscape. A real underwater pool, well-known as Emerald Grotto. The reflections of the crystal clear waters, the massive stalagmites and stalactites, the rare marine species which inhabit the natural cavity and the many legends that animate it have made the Grotto a great place of interest for all visitors. 


The Grotto has always been a sort of legendary place because of its position inside the rock until its official discovery by a local fisherman, Luigi Buonocore, in 1932. Actually, this gem of nature has been discovered and re-discovered several times by English tourists and local people since 1800, such as the engineer Ruggiero Francese who organized various inspections to explore this place until then considered ‘unknown’. 


The rays of the sun, passing through a slit hidden between the rocks, create amazing plays of light; and the water moving within the space of the Grotto gives life to a thousand shades just like those of a precious emerald.


Once inside the Grotto, you’ll be carried away by a legendary atmosphere. The walls of the cavity are surrounded by impressive stalactites and stalagmites and the whole landscape is enlivened by lights and shadows. Over time, the atmospheric phenomena shaped the numerous rock formations turning them into real works of art to which bizarre names have been given: ‘the head of Garibaldi’, ‘the Venetian shawl’ or ‘the organ pipes’. Among these, a traditional nativity scene can be seen at a depth of 4 meters.


For all the people who want to visit the Grotto, there are two ways: by land taking the coastal road SS 163 Salerno – Positano and getting to the Grotto at the end of a staircase; by sea with our daily sea connections from Amalfi.

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The Amalfi Coast: an open-air art gallery!

Art Exhibition Minori

Place of art, residence for writers and poets, inspiration for painters and set of the great cinema, since July 29th, the Amalfi Coast has hosted Rabarama’s art exhibition, between Positano and Minori.

The artist, a true icon of contemporary art and also known as Paola Epifani, chose the Amalfi Coast as the natural setting for her works of art. Three sculptures will inhabit some of the most meaningful spots of the two seaside villages of the Coast. The two areas, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, will exhibit the works until next October 20th on the churchyard of St. Maria Assunta Church in Positano and until September 20th on the Pier of Minori. 

The sculptures depict men and women witnessing the artist’s imagination. The creative names – Im-plosione, Trans-porto and Trans-lettera – fully show the artistic line of the sculptress and let her masterpieces fit within the colorful Amalfi Coast frame.

The eccentric colors, the shapes of the art works, the lush and sunny natural landscape of these summer months turn the Amalfi Coast into a real open-air art gallery for locals and visitors from all over the World. 

That’s just one more reason to visit this place and discover art, sea and nature #alongthecoast 


Traditions, ancient festivities and summer vibes #alongthecoast

Amalfi Coast at night

Ancient traditions, historical rituals, lots of events related to local gastronomy, religious festivals, artistic and musical moments, the Amalfi Coast livens up the colors of its wonderful natural scenery with a rich repertoire of joyful festivities, loved by the locals and those who visit this place for the first time. If you’re wondering what the most evocative summer events on the Amalfi Coast are, here you’ve some:

Ravello Festival

One of the most popular events of the Amalfi Coast held in the heart of Ravello. Every year, the Festival animates the summer evenings with cultural meetings, artistic scenes and unique musical performances. World-famous guests and artists arrive in the wonderful setting of the Amalfi Coast to give a unique show.

Wine Tastings in Tramonti

For those who want to discover the gastronomic tradition of the Amalfi Coast ‘in height’, every single Summer, among the hills of Tramonti you can breathe a unique festive atmosphere: wine, food and folklore. Definitely, a not-to-be-missed experience! 

The Saracen Landing in Positano

One of the most well-known events of the whole coastal tradition is the landing of the Saracens in Positano. On the beautiful beach of Marina Grande, during the festivities in honor of the Black Virgin Mary, the ‘pearl’ of the Amalfi Coast is being illuminated by a stunning riot of fireworks in memory of the storm which saved the city from the Saracens and the historic words “Posa, Posa!” pronounced by the Virgin – from which the Italian town takes its name.

The traditional fishing in Cetara 

During the summer months, the typical fishing of tuna and anchovies takes place in the waters along the small village of Cetara and it is celebrated like a real festivity. Many tiny boats called ‘lampare‘, equipped with large lamps, sail offshore looking for the best fish that will be served in the typical restaurants in the port. A tradition to enjoy!

From the mainland to sea,  visiting the Amalfi Coast during the summer season means discovering all the traditions that will make your trip even more sparkling. 

Enjoy your experience #alongthecoast from every point of view!

How, what, when on the Amalfi Coast: 10 FAQs about your summer #alongthecoast

Costiera Amalfitana

Are you going to leave for your vacation, are you planning the next weekend or will the Amalfi Coast be your summer destination? Let us guess! You’ve started googling what to visit, how to get around, where to go, what to do and must-see places of one of the most popular destinations in the World.

We put together 10 FAQs about the Amalfi Coast that will help you to enjoy your experience #alongthecoast to the fullest!

  1. Where is located the Amalfi Coast?

Suspended, like an immense terrace overlooking the sea, the Amalfi Coast is located between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Lattari Mountains, starting from Positano in the West and reaching Vietri sul Mare in  the East.

  1. How to get here? 

You can reach the Amalfi Coast from Naples Airport or by train to Salerno station, continue your journey by bus and once in Amalfi, you can visit the coast by boat.

  1. How to visit the Amalfi Coast?

Every village and town on the Amalfi Coast is connected by the SS 163, a narrow road, full of curves and hairpin bends, always busy during the summer months. The best way to get around is sailing by sea with the several sea connections available.

  1. What to visit for your first time on the Amalfi Coast?

For your first time, you cannot miss: the Cathedral of Amalfi, Maiori, Minori, Atrani, The Fjord of Furore and Positano. Absolutely, these are the places to visit even if you will stay just for a few days.

  1. What excursions to do by land and sea? 

The places to explore in this stretch of coast are countless. One of the most famous routes by land is the Path of the Gods, from Bomerano to Nocelle, you will enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the entire Amalfi Coast at 400 meters above sea level. By sea, you should take a few hours to discover the Emerald Grotto, a play of blue shades will catch you!

  1. What to eat on the Amalfi Coast? 

The Amalfi Coast boasts an important culinary tradition: lemons, wines, fish and pasta are worth tasting. From the ‘sfusato’, the classic Amalfi limoncello, to ‘ndunderi’, a typical pasta, from the ‘colatura’ of anchovies to the local wines of Tramonti, there is plenty of choice!

  1. What are the most beautiful beaches? 

The beaches of the Amalfi Coast have a rocky conformation and are surrounded by high cliffs. In fact, the most beautiful bays, Santa Croce and Duoglio, are located at the end of long staircases and steep paths. If you want to reach them in a comfortable and relaxing way, you just need to get on our boats.

  1. Where to see one of the most amazing sunsets?

The Amalfi Coast is known all over the World for its wonderful terraces overlooking the sea, from the most historic 5-star Hotels to lemon groves surrounded by the most intense green, finding a spot to enjoy the sunset is really simple. If you want to enjoy the sunset a few steps from the sea after having had a walk through the streets and went shopping, the beach of Positano is the ideal place.

  1. How long to stay on the Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi Coast is one of those places that deserve to be visited in every single corner, but unfortunately your holiday will not last forever. Then, you should stay here for at least 3 days. By the way, if you will visit it just for a day or a few hours, a boat trip will let you discover all the natural beauty of its wonderful landscape.

  1. Your turn now. How long till you get #alongthecoast?

We can’t wait to live in one great adventure the true spirit of the Amalfi Coast on board!

How to experience the Amalfi Coast like a local!

Costiera Amalfitana panorama

Once you reach the Amalfi Coast, from the mainland to the sea, there is so much to discover!

Whether it’s a day trip, a longer journey or a stop for a few hours, the secret to not miss all the beauties of this piece of paradise is to experience your stay just like a local does.

Here, some tips for you!


During the summer season, the Amalfi Coast is full of tourists and cars everywhere. The best solution to move from one point to another of the coast, avoiding traffic jams and chaos, is undoubtedly walking on foot or sailing by boat. You will enjoy the panorama from a special point of view and discover even the most hidden corners.


You can’t say you’ve visited the Amalfi Coast, if you didn’t make a stop in Amalfi. How many other must-see places are there? Do not miss Conca dei Marini, Furore, Atrani, Erchie and the small fishing village of Cetara.


Walking through the narrow streets of the Amalfi Coast villages in the middle of summer is really exhausting! Like a real local, take a fresh break and taste a lemon granita at one of the typical kiosks to continue your tour with the right energy.


Aside from the large beaches of Maiori, Minori and Amalfi located a few steps from the town center, you can find many other coves and bays hidden by steep sea-cliffs and known only by the locals. Enjoy the bluest waters of the Amalfi Coast, such as the tiny beach of Santa Croce or Duoglio, and reach them by sea.


The lush natural landscape of the Amalfi Coast hides countless secret places, one of them is the mysterious Emerald Grotto. A discovery by sea not-to-be-missed!


Discover the most amazing paths of the Amalfi Coast and enjoy the clean air with a bit of trekking through the lemon groves.


To experience the Amalfi Coast like a real local would, don’t over-plan your every single step, but let yourself be carried away by the southern spirit. You could live surprising new experiences!

Ready to go #alongthecoast?

We’re waiting for you!

The Historical Regatta #alongthecoast

Amalfi Coast Panorama

The summer season #alongthecoast opens with one of the most important and long-awaited historical events by sea lovers!

On the occasion of the 66th edition of the Historical Regatta 2022, the four galleons of the ancient Maritime Republics, Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venice, will compete wave after wave in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The Queens of the seas on June 5th, will celebrate the great feats and historical rivalries in a unique sporting event that will take place in the wonderful setting of the Amalfi Coast.  The suggestive competition will be held  in Amalfi, in the heart of the city, among the waters that bathe the mainland. People will breathe an ancient atmosphere, the streets will be animated by a folkloristic parade in which some locals and not will be dressed as historical characters representing the four Republics.

Historical Regatta Amalfi
Local Parade Regatta

Galleons, like those of the twelfth-century, will be sailing with its crew, counting eight rowers and one helmsman, once on board will take part in the sea battle on a path of two thousand meters between Capo di Vettica and Marina Grande. Each galleon will be recognizable by the colors of the Maritime Republics: blue for Amalfi with the winged horse, white for Genoa with the dragon, red for Pisa with the eagle and green for Venice with the lion of St. Mark. 

In the last edition, the victory went to the Republic of Genoa,

followed by Amalfi, Venice and Pisa.

Who will win the trophy this year? It goes without saying, we’ll be rooting for Amalfi!

Come and cheer with us #alongthecoast


June 05th, 2022

Maiori-Amalfi 07:30 – 09:00 PM

Minori-Amalfi 07:40 – 09:10 PM

Amalfi-Minori 08:30 – 09:30 PM

Amalfi-Maiori 08:30 – 09:30 PM

Gruppo Battellieri takes you #alongthecoast

Costiera Amalfitana

Every day our boats and battellieri are ready to set sail for new adventures by sea and let you discover the authentic beauty of one of the most suggestive places in the World: the Amalfi Coast. Whether you want to leave with a group of friends or on your own, with your family or your partner. You can spend a few hours or a whole day discovering the Amalfi Coast accompanied by the rays of the sun, the sea breeze and smell. 

Not just a boat ride, but a unique experience!

Which one will you choose?


45 minutes of real discovery!

You’ll discover the Amalfi Coast from West to East, making a stop at the tiny village of Conca dei Marini until you’ll reach Maiori, Minori and Atrani.

Giro Costa Gruppo Battellieri


a mysterious tour!

You’ll visit the famous Emerald Grotto and let yourself be captivated by colorful waters and the evocative atmosphere.

Grotta dello Smeraldo Gruppo Battellieri


the best beaches of the Amalfi Coast!

You’ll reach the legendary beaches of Santa Croce and Duoglio with daily sea passages, in complete tranquility and relax.

Spiagge Gruppo Battellieri


Every glimpse of the Amalfi Coast becomes reachable!

Choose your destination and get ready for new adventures always with Gruppo Battellieri.


The new season is coming: excursions, places to discover and plenty of adventures!

Molo Battellieri

Sun-rays are ready to heat the blue waters and light the Amalfi Coast landscape up, the lively sea villages are taking winter shades off to make way for citrus colors. The vegetation is becoming even more dominant and lush on the rocks, overhanging the sea once again. The weather is Mediterranean and the air has that marine scent typical of the season. Our battellieri are at the helm and boats are about to set sail and leave the pier.

Nothing is missing! 

As every year, we’re ready to going #alongthecoast and lead you to the discovery of all the Amalfi Coast ‘best destinations’.

From the best-known places like Amalfi to the most mysterious ones like the Emerald Grotto!

Amalfi Coast landscape

The beauty of the places, the colorful artistic and cultural offer, the baggage of tradition and folklore, the local stories, the adventure and authentic experiences will drag you to new destinations to reach, legends to know, routes to explore and spots to discover.

What are you waiting for?

Book now the first excursion of the season with Gruppo Battellieri!