We’re going #alongthecoast in 2022!

The new year is just around the corner and you’re already thinking about the next season! 

Amalfi Coast Landscape

If on the one hand, destinations, ways of travel, connections and travellers’ taste in the last two years have totally changed, slowed down and reorganized… On the other, the need to travel, rediscover the contact with nature and live authentic experiences makes all of us more and more eager. About this, one of the most well-known virtual travel agencies in the World, Booking, carried out a research interviewing over 24,000 people – from 31 different countries – and established a ranking of the 7 travel trends 2022.

Where can you experience them? In one of the most fascinating coastal areas of Italy: the Amalfi Coast.

One of the most popular touristic destinations where to stay for short weekends or for long moments of discovery!


Visit hidden places far from the chaos, recharge yourself with the natural beauty of the landscape, try a new kitchen and know the stories of the locals. This whole thing is the Amalfi Coast!


Every trip, tour, excursion will be like living it for the first time. Experiencing the pleasure of discovery and being able to gaze at the horizon on board our boats will be a moment to be fully enjoyed just as if it was ‘the first time’.


Seeking genuine and meaningful experiences of the authentic seaside culture will be possible with the guidance of our battellieri, combining the love for the sea to the discovery of the mainland, knowing new places and new people.


As a consequence of the pandemic, the travel limit and the sense of distance led us to the closest places. Thanks to short excursions and nearby destinations, on the Amalfi Coast, you will be able to enjoy hospitality, art, culture and typical gastronomy.


After a long period without travelling, blowing off some steam is one of the many reasons to visit our coast, to take a break and enjoy the simple pleasure of discovery wave after wave.

If you’re looking for unforgettable experiences, Gruppo Battellieri, is waiting for you #alongthecoast in 2022

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Your adventurous 2021 #alongthecoast: how to discover the Amalfi Coast!

In spite of the distances and difficulties that this pandemic period has created, the desire to travel, explore and discover is still there! As the magazine Forbes points out, after such a challenging year, the travelers and the adventure-seekers are looking for new experiences, that combine the desire for discovery, adventure and relax with the need to travel safely.

What could be better than the Amalfi Coast? Crystal-clear sea, wild beaches, warm sun, green mountains and typical seaside villages are just waiting to be discovered. Battellieri Group can’t wait to welcome you on board and show you the wonderful glimpses of this stretch of Italian coast.

What’s the best way to experience an unusual, charming journey in total safety? There is only one answer: sailing along the Coast!

Amalfi, Sorrento, Positano, the island of Capri, Conca de Marini, Minori are always the most popular destinations to get in touch with nature and enjoy the authenticity of your made in Italy experience.

Discovering the Amalfi Coast on board our ferries has its pluses:

  • stay away from crowded places
  • organize your excursion with a small group of people
  • admire the coast from a different perspective 
  • take a breath of fresh air 
  • let yourself be caressed by the sea breeze surrounded by the blue sea
  • listen to the stories of our experienced boatmen as they show you the most amazing, hidden corners of the Coast

And for those who love the most hidden and fascinating spots, the Emerald Grotto, is one of the not- to-be-missed destinations. One of the very few grottos still accessible of the whole Amalfi Coast, a place full of charm, hypnotizing colors and ancient legends.

The new season is just around the corner and we can’t wait to go #alongthecoast

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#alongthecoast is much more than a boat ride!

The magnificent Mediterranean landscape of the Amalfi Coast, named UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, covers a stretch of coastline of 50 kilometers and gathers some of the most widely known places in the south of the region, Amalfi, Furore, Maiori, Minori, Positano, Praiano and many others connecting this piece of land to the Gulf of Naples with Sorrento and the Island of Capri, known all over the World.

This stretch of rocky coast looks like a never-ending terrace suspended between the blue sea and the green of the Lattari Mountains behind it.… And just like its towns and fishing villages, one different from the other,  with their own traditions and peculiarities, the Amalfi Coast has its authentic identity as well. A long stretch of rugged land, characterized by a succession of ledges and recesses from which come out beaches and paradisiac coves, small natural glimpses, caves, bays and views of incomparable beauty with their history and their Mediterranean charm, in every single site. Shaped by stones and crystal clear waters, the most sought after and wildest beaches of the Amalfi Coast are ‘hidden’ like real treasures framing its beauty!

In fact, most of these natural pearls are located in the shadow of steep cliffs and are reachable through dirt paths or exhausting staircases from hundreds of steps keeping hidden from the eyes of many their beauty. The best way to discover all these wonders? Doubtless, going #alongthecoast

Battellieri Group, every day leaves the pier and sets off to discover new waters, wave after wave… Towards beaches, caves and unexplored spots!

Enjoying a unique adventure through sea-routes is our idea of a journey. An experience that will give you the chance to discover the sea of our Coast, the reflections of crystal clear water, the breeze, the scents, the vibrant colors and nature of these extraordinary places enjoying a privileged observation point. In addition, you will discover all the secrets and traditions of our Coast thanks to the tales of our experienced boatmen who will guide you on our tours & excursions.

Do not stop your desire for discovery, experience the Amalfi Coast surrounded by the blue sea from a whole new perspective. Let the charm of our Coast catch your heart in the spirit of a summer season by sea with a thousand discoveries and adventures!

What are you waiting for? Reach the amazing beaches of Santa Croce & Duoglio, the fascinating Emerald Grotto and many others destinations just waiting to be discovered #alongthecoast

Enjoy your unique experience with us!

The Emerald Grotto: a hidden jewel between Amalfi and Conca dei Marini

The Emerald Grotto, also known as the ‘temple of the sea’, is a cave located along the charming stretch of the Amalfi Coast and more precisely in the bay of Conca dei Marini just a few kilometers from the town of Amalfi.

The well-known natural beauty of the Grotto, was discovered by a native fisherman called Luigi Buonocore – also known as ‘ the discoverer of the grotto’ by local people – dating back to 1932. The Grotto owes its name to the peculiar color of the sea water which reflects an extraordinary play of light filtered by the rocky walls of the coast… reaching the open sea and creating chromatic effects with amazing shades: from cobalt, crystalline blue to emerald green.

Originally, the Grotto did not collect the water of the sea, but solely limestone stalactites and stalagmites that with their particular shapes form columns about 10 meters high and real works of art. Some of the limestone formations found into the grotto recall strange similarities result of the popular imagination with extravagant names: ‘Garibaldi’s head’, ‘Venetian shawl’ or ‘organ reeds’.

There is a great number of ancient stories about the hypothetical presence of the Grotto and still many are the legends about this picturesque piece of land, just like the myth of the Janare. According to popular tradition,  the Janare were witches who inhabited the area, dressed with long nightshirts, waiting for the fishermen’s boats to come back to charm them with the sound of their songs. Here, all this area and the Emerald Grotto looks like an enchanted place!

The popular beliefs of the ‘temple of the sea’ are also combined with the local religious tradition. In fact,  its waters also hide a fascinating underwater nativity scene, with tiny figures made of Vietri ceramic and located at about 4 meters deep. Every year, during the Christmas season, some divers leave the figure of the Child Jesus on the bottom of the grotto.

If you want to admire with your own eyes the hidden jewel of our sea, you just have to set off to discover unknown horizons #alongthecoast with us!