How can I book an excursion or buy a ticket?

You can book an excursion or buy a ticket in the following ways:

  • through our online booking system
  • sending an e-mail to the following address info@battellieriamalfi.com – specifying the type of excursion or tour, the date and personal data
  • at our ticket-office located in the Parking Area – Bus Line Coop. Sant’Andrea – Ticket Office
  • by contacting travel agencies and tour operators in partnership with Gruppo Battellieri Amalfi S.r.l.
Where is the ticket office?

You will find our boats and our staff at the following address: Parking area – Bus Linea Coop. Sant’Andrea – Ticket office.

Where can I find excursions and available services?

You can find all the information about our excursions and services by visiting the appropriate section on our website here

When are beach connections available?

The connections to the beaches are available from June to September. Learn more here

How long before the departure do I have to go to the pier?

You must arrive at the pier 30 min before departure with a valid ticket.

Are personalized excursions available?

Yes, there are personalized excursions starting from 20 passengers per excursion.

Does the entrance to the Emerald Grotto have an additional cost?

The excursion to the Emerald Grotto has a price of € 10.00 per person – round-trip – and an additional cost for the entrance to the Grotto of € 6.00 per person.

How can I submit a complaint?

Any complaints may be submitted to the following e-mail address info@battellieriamalfi.com


I have to cancel the excursion because of government travel restrictions: How can I request a refund of my ticket?

You can request a refund through the appropriate form on our website here

What security measures have been taken?

Our boats are regularly sanitized according to the current regulations, the safety distances imposed are respected. Our crew uses personal protective equipment and the passengers are required to do the same.


For every request or information write us compiling the form below



Via Largo Duchi Piccolomini, 4 – Amalfi
tel.: +39 089 873446
fax.: +39 089 873446
e-mail: info@battellieriamalfi.com


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