The fame of the Island dates back to Roman Empire times and is one of the top destinations in the circuit of international tourism. The Island of Capri is a tiny Italian paradise with its exceptional view on the Sorrento Peninsula and every year makes millions and millions of tourists from all over the World dream thanks to its picturesque landscapes, its colourful fishing houses overlooking the sea, its italian charm, gardens and streets, local cafes and the usual coming and going of ferries and hydrofoils.

The best way to discover the beauty of the Island and admire its rugged coastline and its deep blue sea is a boat ride. With our itineraries you can explore the Island  enjoying a special point of observation and experiencing the thrill of a sunset in the shadow of the sumptuous Faraglioni,  symbol of the Island.

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Customized excursions available for group of minimum 40 pers.

THE EMERALD GROTTO: The hidden jewel

The Emerald Grotto, discovered in 1932 by a local man, Luigi Buonocore, takes its name from the particular colour of the water created by light reflections through the walls of the grotto: shades from blue to emerald green. One of the few caves still open of the Amalfi Coast, about 30 meters wide, in its the highest points hosts columns, stalactites and stalagmites which create an enchanted atmosphere for all the tourists who visit the Coast every year.


Let the Emerald Cave catch your eyes & heart, with its hypnotic play of blue lights and shadows. Ready for a suggestive experience? From March to November, you can visit the grotto thanks to our daily connections leaving from the pier of Amalfi.

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Customized excursions available for group of minimum 20 pers.
Round-trip ticket is € 10,00 per person
*The entrance ticket to the Cave has an additional cost of € 6,00 per person

GIRO COSTA: the very best of the Divine in 60 minutes
If you don’t want to miss the best of the Divine, our itinerary GIRO COSTA is what you were looking for!

Discover some of the spots and colours of one of the most fascinating places in the World: Amalfi Coast!


The tour takes 60 minutes of navigation. A ride among the most suggestive spots of the Amalfi Coast: Atrani, Minori, Maiori and a gaze at Ravello from the sea.  To follow, route towards the Cape of Conca passing through Santa Croce Beach  with the amazing Natural Arch and the Grotto of Sant’Andrea.

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Customized excursions available for group of minimum 20 pers.

AMALFI COAST & SORRENTO: all our destinations just in one excursion

Our PINKTOUR will take you to the discovery of suspended places between beauty and care of the land. Hidden corners, bays, beaches and  villages perched on the cliff falling into the sea.


Our adventure will start from Conca dei Marini towards the only natural italian fjord, the fjord of Furore, going towards Praiano, another pearl of our Coast…and its Saracen Towers. From Positano and Nerano to Punta Campanella, the Island of Capri and finally the elegant Sorrento and the Gulf of Naples. The vibrant colours of these sites, the scent of citrus, the sea breeze and the rays of the warm sun will amaze you  and make your experience unique!

What are you waiting for? Come and discover one of the most exciting itineraries of our Coast.

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Excursions available for group of minimum 40 pers.

POSITANO: the pearl of the Amalfi Coast

BLUTOUR: a tour come true

The real pearl of the Amalfi Coast, Positano, it’s a treasure-chest full of beauty: blue sea, italian tradition and some of the most incredible sites of our Coast.


Positano it’s a distinctive place,  on the one side for its vertical structure perched on the green rocks of Mounts Lattari going down towards the blue sea, through endless staircases and narrow streets. On the other side, for the pink of the tiny houses, the grey of the sand and the crystal-blue of the sea which make the village an attractive place like few others, arrival point of international tourist flows, center of artisan activities which have become a fashion lifestyle.

Leave from the pier of Amalfi! Discovering one of the most popular destinations of our Coast has never been so great

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Excursions available for group of minimum 40 pers.

AMALFI: the heart of the Amalfi Coast
Reach the heart of the Divine by boat

Amalfi, the main coastal town, gives its name to the long stretch of coast that from Vietri sul Mare reaches Punta Campanella. Nowadays, the oldest Italian Maritime Republic, is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site becoming one of the most attractive sites in the World and best-known of Campania, for its artistic and natural beauties.


A place rich in history and legendary charm. Its unique architecture, the Mediterranean climate and the sea give it the enchanting shape of a seaside village with a glorious past making it an everlasting tourist hub. A great town, perched on the cliff of Mounts Lattari, comes to life among stairs, narrow streets and stunning  terraces facing the sea. 

Moreover, the numerous historical sites such as  the majestic Cathedral of Amalfi, built in Arabic style dedicated to the Patron of the city Sant’Andrea, the Convent of San Francesco, the historical Paper Museum make the town even more prestigious. All enclosed in a scenery that has enchanted generations of travellers and artists for its natural landscape and its breathtaking sea.

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Excursions available for group of minimum 40 pers.
*Customizable service

Going along the East Coast: discover, take a dip and have fun by sea!
An amazing and new tour will lead you along the Amalfi Coast to the discovery of the seaside picturesque villages in this 2023 summer season: daily departures and returns from Amalfi!


Going #alongthecoast with us to the discovery of:

ATRANI: the smallest Italian seaside village 
MINORI: the fav destination of the ancient Roman aristocracy
MAIORI: the longest beach of the Amalfi Coast
AMALFI: one of the 4 Maritime Republics UNESCO World Heritage Sites
CONCA DEI MARINI: listed as one the most wonderful Italian villages since 2017
FIORDO DI FURORE: a tiny and picturesque seaside village
PRAIANO: one of the villas of the Ancient Amalfi Republic in the Middle Age
POSITANO: one of the gems of the Amalfi Coast shaped like a dolphin


Several stops – planned during navigation – to enjoy a swim into the crystal clear sea along the most beautiful corners of the Amalfi Coast!


  • DEPARTURE: 10:30 a.m. – Amalfi Pier / RETURN: 04:30 – 04:45 p.m. – Amalfi Pier
  • Tour Price: 100 € p.p.


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