Regata storica delle quattro Repubbliche Marinare|Regata storica Amalfi

Gruppo Battellieri Costa dâAmalfi

Historical Regatta

Historical Regatta

In 2016 it will be Amalfi ‘s turn to host the Regatta of the Marine Republics. The event, born in 1955, takes place every year under the high patronage of the President of the Republic. In the month of June, in fact, the ancient rivality between Genova, Pisa, Venice and Amalfi is celebrated in a sport event in the course of which they compete between the four teams of oarsmen representing each of the Republics. The Regatta will be preceded by an historical procession leaving from Atrani to arrive in Amalfi dances and shows are the obligatory accompaniment  to the Regatta. Amalfi has history, all to be told, full of special effects.







La Regata via Mare
Il Programma della Regata

Il Programma della Regata

Collegamenti Marittimi Strordinari


Sfilata Storica




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